From the studios of Orange County Catholic Radio in the Diocese of Orange, “Call Me Catholic,” hosted by Peggy Normandin, is a light and lively conversation about the perils and blessings of embracing a Catholic identity in our modern world. This live one-hour show celebrates, explores and restores our Catholic identity as we navigate the daily struggles and blessings of life. Peggy Normandin will leave you energized and excited to tell the world, hey, you can “Call Me Catholic”.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. So happy to have found this! Kathie Armstrong is on my Board of Directors (Supportbility, you and your husband came to a fund-raiser guests of the Trotters) and told me about your radio show. Cam’t wait to listen.


  2. I miss the communion rail!!!
    The sense of reverence and respect!!!
    the tabernacle as the focal point of a Catholic church!!! – in the center ofd the altar!!!
    Mass celecrated facing AWAY from the congregation
    . . . and all the ones you mentioned!


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