The Scaring and the Daring – 10/27/18

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In this season of getting scared, will you dare to be different and choose a Halloween costume that might evangelize trick or treaters?  Peggy lists the top five saints who lend themselves to fabulous costumes for scaring and inspiring.
  Author Mark Sullivan talks about his 2017 bestseller “Beneath a Scarlet Sky”  the true story of one young  Italian man’s incredible daring during WWII and the Catholic priests who helped him save the lives of Jews during one of history’s darkest hours.
Mark Sullivan continues his conversation with Peggy about Cardinal Alfredo Schuster of Milan, Italy, whose cause for sainthood stemmed from his heroic efforts to save Italian Jews during Hitler and Mussolini’s reign of terror.
What is Dia de Muertos and why has its imagery become synonymous with the celebration of Halloween in modern culture?  Fr. Rafael Lueveno, professor at Chapman University, talks about this holiday’s  ethnic origins and its relevance to our faith.

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