“…because the Bible tells me so.” 2/24/18

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Scripture is at the heart of what we share with our Protestant brothers and sisters. In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy pays tribute to the late Reverand Billy Graham by sharing her top five favorite quotes from this iconic evangelist who brought so many souls to Jesus through his dynamic ministry.
Attorney and scripture scholar James Schmiesing discusses what drew him to an intense focus on scripture studies in the apex of his legal career. And, he explores the Lenten themes in our liturgical scripture readings.
Scripture scholar James Schmiesing continues his discussion of the importance of bible studies in parish life and takes calls from listeners with questions or comments about that subject.
In Chatting With Catholics, Peggy talks with Patrick Walsh, creator and executive producer of the new CBS sitcom series “Living Biblically” about a modern New Yorker who radcially chooses to live his life by the letter of biblical law. The series premieres Monday night.


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