All Saints Today! 8/17/17

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August is a great month for Saints’ feast days. That’s why we’re devoting our show to saints today.
Actor Andrae Goodnight discusses his role as Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first African American Catholic priest, in Saint Luke Productions’ newest drama, “Tolton: From Slave to Priest” debuting in October. Fr. Tolton’s cause for canonization is advancing under the guidance of Bishop Joseph Perry of Chicago.
Joe Klinker, founder of Tiny Saints, shares the story of how he and his wife grew an idea to better teach their children about the saints to a successful acessory company that features whimsical depictions of hundreds of saints on a variety of charms.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a Vacation Bible School in session at a nearby parish and asks the kids to tell her about their favorite saint.
In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five favorite pieces of trivia about our communion of saints.


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