Passport to Faith! 8/5/17


38603276 - us passport on the world map

Summer is a time of pilgrimage, of the spiritual and secular variety. In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists the top five most important dispositions of an authentic pilgrim.

David Owens, Chairman of the Camino de Santiago Minstiry at Santiago de Compostella Catholic Church in the diocese of Orange, discusses his parish’s annual reenactment of the Pilgrim Walk that winds 300 miles through many northern cities in Spain to arrive at St. James’ burial place in Spain.

Veronica Paini,who blogs on her site “the Modern Pilgrim”, joins our conversation about traveling as an authentic Catholic pilgrim, especially in regard to her recent trip to Cuba.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a group of ladies who make rosaries each week and asks them to tell her about the holiest place they’ve ever visited.


2 thoughts on “Passport to Faith! 8/5/17

  1. Where can I get more info on these two exciting guests?🤗


    • Learn more about Veronica Paini’s travels at her website:

      Robert ,
      David Owens’ parish Camino re-enactment called “Along the Way” doesn’t have a dedicated website. But go to the parish website and dig into their archive bulletins for pictures and narrative on this year’s event:
      Santiago de Compostela parish in Lake Forest, CA, can be accessed at
      Also, if you have specific questions, their email account is



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