Live ….from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, it’s Call Me Catholic! – 2/25/17

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Since we’re coming to you from the entertainment capital of the world on the day before the Oscars, we’ll explore some Catholic themes in cinema, past and present. The Call Me Catholic Countdown lists the top five academy-awarding winning movies in the Catholic genre.

Emmy award winning journalist turned public relations pro, Alexis Walkenstein discusses media culture, the art of good storytelling and living out your faith in the entertainment business. Alexis is currently promoting the film, “The Shack”, debuting this spring.

Peggy and Alexis continue their conversation about some of Alexis’ previous projects, such as “For Greater Glory”, “Little Boy”, “Soul Surfer” and “Ben Hur.”

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone onto the floor of the LAREC Convention and asks attendees about their favorite movies from this year’s Academy Award nominees.



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