How to Be Single in the Catholic Church 10/15/16

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dating_bookIt isn’t always easy being an adult lay single in the Catholic Church; Peggy lists her top five challenges to being an active young adult single in our modern Church.

Catholic blogger John Antonio, author of “Dating and Other Things Catholic: What Seminary Taught Me About Single Life“, discusses his newest book about what the Church offers adult singles for the modern life challenges they face.

Peggy talks with David Nevarez, founder of about their latest outreach.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her mircophone to a young adult gathering at a Catholic parish in Orange County and asks them what they consider to be the best activities to promote social enrichment in a spiritual context.


One thought on “How to Be Single in the Catholic Church 10/15/16

  1. Good Show this evening Peggy.

    After listening to your program, I now more than ever realize how important the true Faith is.
    Be well, Be safe, and Peace to your listeners and to you my Sister in Christ I was so moved that I poured my heart out on digital data fields until Oct 16, 00:22
    Your Brother in Christ,


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