Think about this…the Catholic Church as a modern think tank! – 8/20/16

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Father_Scott_Borgman_Fr. Scott Borgman recently arrived in the diocese of Orange after serving as coordinating secretary of the Potntifical Acadmey for Life in Rome, often referred to as the Think Tank of the Catholic Church. During his time in the Vatican, Fr. Borgman also served in the Vatican’s Office of Liturgical Celebrations as an Assistant Master of Ceremonies to the Holy Father. Fr. Borgman will talk with Peggy about the ways in which the Catholic Church remains vigilant in its knowledge and scrutiny of modern science and technology as it correlates to our faith’s moral teachings.
Listeners are encouraged to call in with their comments and questions for Fr. Borgman.

Peggy’s sister Jonie from Atlanta joins her on the show today to share dueling Call Me Catholic Countdowns listing their top five fundamental rules for family life, God’s first think tank.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a local parish gathering and asks the faithful, “where do you do your best thinking?’


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