Father’s Day 2016 – 6/19/16

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Happy Father’s Day from Call Me Catholic.Damon_Owens

Damen Owens, Executive Director of the Theology of the Body Institute, discusses fatherhood.

Peggy and JimmyG share their “dueling” Call Me Catholic Countdowns about the top five things they learned from their fathers.

Peggy talks with her husband, the youngest of 10 adopted children, and the miracle that brought them all together.


One thought on “Father’s Day 2016 – 6/19/16

  1. Just now turned on IHeartApp to EWTN, as I water my plants at Coalinga this morning outside my back yard. My Father gave me and taught me The Catholic FAITH. Which I am so grateful!! He is still with me. He is a Eucharist Minister and Lector. I go with him as an EM to resthomes. Which I am sure we will do tomorrow after Mass on Father’s day. I love my dad, Raymond Cazares. We both live in Coalinga. Sorry, I am old skool, I don’t do FB or Twitter. Just emails. Thank you and God Bless you both.


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