Money – 6/4/16


“Money” will be the topic today with featured guest author Heather King talking about her latest book: Loaded -The Spirituality of Enough.money2

Also, Abbott Justin Brown from St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College in southern Louisiana will discuss his religious order’s creative onsite enterprises that help their community support themselves.
Peggy takes her microphone to a local parish and asks the faithful to share the best advice they’ve ever been given about money.



2 thoughts on “Money – 6/4/16

  1. I have an iPhone & was trying to use my podcast app to locate Call Me Catholic broadcast episode title: “Money 06/06/2016” but I cannot find it. The Popcast app I have only had dates up to the 05/28 Memorial day show. I did go to the EWTN website but also could Not find it there either. I really would like to re-listen and share with others.. Can you advise where to go now or wait for the episode to be posted later?


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