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Faith in Art – rediscovering the ancient craft of iconography – 3/25/17

Valerie Sinkus The Easter story has served as inspiration to Christian iconography for thousands of years.
Christian iconographer Valerie Sinkus discusses the sacred process of writing an icon. Valerie, a Camaldolese Oblate who practices and teaches this ancient craft, will explore the history of icons and their unique niche in Church art.
Peggy and Valerie continue their discussion of the history and practice of Christian iconography and accept calls from listeners who have questions or comments on the subject.
In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five most profound images from the Passion of Christ.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a third grade classroom at St. Joseph’s Catholic School and asks the students, “if you could paint a picture of heaven, what would it look like?”

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Spring Training…not just for baseball players! – 3/18/17

Fr. Alan Benander
With baseball’s spring training season upon us, the Call Me Catholic Countdown lists the top five reasons Catholics love this sport!

Fr. Alan Benander, O Praem, baseball coach at St. Michael’s Abbey Prep School, discusses the disciplines of Lent and what they have in common with the rigors of baseball’s spring training.

Fr. Alan Benander takes calls from listeners who share his passion for baseball.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a local Catholic high school’s baseball practice and asks the young players how and if faith influences their team play.

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The Legacy of St. Patrick – 3/11/17

With March 17 just around the corner, Call Me Catholic celebrates the legacy of Ireland’s great St. Patrick a wee bit early. Sons-of-Saint-Patrick

George Marlin, co-author of the just released “Sons of St. Patrick” discusses the compelling history of the ten archbishops of New York, all Irish by birth or heritage, and how their influence helped shape New York into one of the greatest cities in the world.

George Marlin talks about the diversity and talents of the ten Irish archbishops of New York, from R. Luke Concanen to Timothy Michael Dolan, and how each played an indispensable role in the history of Catholicism in the United States.

The Call Me Catholic Countdown lists the top five ways we can honor St. Patrick on his feastday.

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The Mystery and History of Lent 3/4/17

What differentiates Lent from the rest of the year? Everything. 
Rev. Scott Borgman, parochial vicar in the diocese of Orange, discusses the origin and evolution of the Lenten season and how different cultures traditionally engage with this penitential period of the Church calendar.station4
Peggy and Fr. Borgman explore the Stations of the Cross and how this Catholic devotion can enrich our Lenten experience. Also, listeners are invited to call in with their questions or comments about Lent.

In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five favorite Lenten activities.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy talks with Thomas Awiapo from Ghana who is the spokesperson for Catholic Relief Services’ Rice Bowl project this Lent.


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Live ….from the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, it’s Call Me Catholic! – 2/25/17

Since we’re coming to you from the entertainment capital of the world on the day before the Oscars, we’ll explore some Catholic themes in cinema, past and present. The Call Me Catholic Countdown lists the top five academy-awarding winning movies in the Catholic genre.

Emmy award winning journalist turned public relations pro, Alexis Walkenstein discusses media culture, the art of good storytelling and living out your faith in the entertainment business. Alexis is currently promoting the film, “The Shack”, debuting this spring.

Peggy and Alexis continue their conversation about some of Alexis’ previous projects, such as “For Greater Glory”, “Little Boy”, “Soul Surfer” and “Ben Hur.”

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone onto the floor of the LAREC Convention and asks attendees about their favorite movies from this year’s Academy Award nominees.


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Mission Appeal 2/18/17

mechelle_adamsWe’re learning about the California Missions today on CMC. In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, host Peggy Normandin lists five top facts about the missions that might pique your interest to discover more about this aspect of California’s heritage.

Mechelle Lawrence Adams, executive director of Mission San Juan Capistrano, known as the Jewel of the Missions, discusses the rich history of his landmark in the diocese of Orange and the Saint who established it.
Stephen Binz, author of Saint Junipero Serra’s Camino, a Pilgrimage Guide to the California Missions, joins the conversation with his unique perspective on the spiritual and historical dimension of the 21 California missions.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a fourth grade class at Mission Basilica School in San Juan Capistrano and asks the students to share some of the knowledge they’ve acquired in their study of the missions this year.