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Family Rules! – 7/22/17

peggy-logo-datesFor many, summer offers an opportunity to enjoy the blessings of family. Peggy’s sister Jonie from Atlanta, an occasional CMC contributor, shares the Call Me Catholic Countdown this week which is “the top five things family teaches us about God.”

The definition of family reaches beyond our own nuclear family. Our parish community is an extension of family and we need to relate to fellow parishioners with the same personal concern and love that we do our own immediate family members. Robert Zimmer and Tom Johnson are the founders of the St. Joachim Parish Cancer Ministry, a model they established 11 years ago for reaching out to and supporting cancer patients in their faith community . They discuss why other Catholic communities across the country have looked to their model for inspiration.

Robert Zimmer and Tom Johnson continue their discussion of how Catholic parishes can serve cancer patients in their faith community. Listeners are invited to call in with their comments or questions.

Peggy and her sister, Jonie, discuss the key components of a good family reunion.

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Summer is the Season for Stars and Stripes! 7/15/17

Summer is the all American season! In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five favorite ways to support our men and women in the military.Stars
Katie McMaster is the associate director for Christian Formation in the diocese of Richmond, Virginia. She’s also the wife of 3-star General H.R. McMaster, our current National Security Adviser. Over their 35 years of married life, General McMaster’s distinguished career has taken Katie and their three daughters to 17 homes in 9 states and 3 countries. She discusses how the Catholic Church has been their family’s anchor throughout so many transitions.
Guest Katie McMaster and Peggy play the “Catholic This or Catholic That” Challenge, exploring their favorite devotions and expressions of our faith.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy shares her microphone with Catholics recalling a special church they visited while on vacation.


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Living on the Right Side of the Law 7/8/17

St. Thomas More enjoys two feast days in the church (historical and new) and we are sitting in between them both. Let’s honor the man and his worthy legacy. In the Call Me Catholic Countdown, Peggy lists her top five favorite institutions named after St. Thomas More.
Real Estate attorney Greg Weiler, a founding member and former president of the St. Thomas More Society of Orange County, a non profit organization dedicated to bringing Catholic morality to the legal profession, discusses the legacy of St. Thomas More and his vital model for modern culture.
Greg and Peggy continue their dialogue about St. Thomas More and welcome calls from listeners who have questions and comments for Greg.

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Supercharing your Spirituality with America’s Superheroes! 7/1/17

On this Fourth of July holiday weekend, the Call Me Catholic Countdown lists Peggy’s top five Catholic heroes of early America.
Joe Thordarson, host of Geek Tank Radio and founder of the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, discusses America’s love affair with comic books and how some of the most popular superheroes were crafted with a strong Catholic identity.
Joe and Peggy continue their discussion of Superhero spirituality. Listeners are invited to call in with their questions and comments.
In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to a local parish Bible Camp and asks the young campers who their favorite superhero is.

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Picturing our Faith 6/24/17

frances-icon17Beautiful images of our faith can nourish and deepen our spiritual lives. The Call Me Catholic Countdown lists Peggy’s top five favorite types of religious art that should be in every Catholic home.

Respected iconographer Vivian Imbruglia brings a distinctly fresh style to her highly sought after icon images. Vivian discusses the St. Francis icon that hangs in the Vatican and some of her newer commissions of Saints and holy events that have never before been depicted as an icon.

Peggy and Vivian continue their discussion of the art of iconography and take calls from listeners with questions or comments.

Irish artist and sculptor Dony Mac Manus joins the conversation about sacred art. Dony, whose aim is to bring Christ back into culture thorugh art, founded a school for sacred arts in Florence and hopes to establish an art academy at the Vatican.

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Here Comes the Bride! 6/17/17

cake_topperWith the wedding march becoming a familiar tune in churches across the country right now, the Call Me Catholic Countdown lists Peggy’s top five favorite features of Catholic weddings.

Psychologist, author and blogger Dr. Joseph Smith, wedding columnist for Our Sunday Visitor, discusses Catholic wedding protocol do’s and don’ts.
Stephanie Calis, author of “Invited – the Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner”, shares her thoughts on how brides can best prepare for their wedding day.
Listeners are invited to call in with their wedding questions or comments for Peggy and her guests.

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Views from the Pews 6/10/17

peggy-logo-datesCMC goes behind the scenes in parish life to explore a couple of features we too often take for granted. The Call Me Catholic Countdown lists Peggy’s top five favorite parish ministry jobs she’s enjoyed as an adult Catholic.

Carin Winghart, VP of Marketing for Liturgical Publications Inc (LPi), discusses the history and evolution of the “bulletin” found in Catholic parishes across America. She offers some great tips for improving your parish bulletin and for reaching a broader audience through other communication channels.

Lynn Smith, owner and chief artisan behind her company, “Altar Linens by Lynn Smith”, identifies the different traditional altar linens used in the celebration of the Holy Mass; their design, function and history.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to the annual Fish Fry at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Seal Beach, California, and asks parishioners, “what is your favorite parish event?”.